We Firmly Believe That What Makes Us Different Also Makes Us Stronger

It is critical to our success to foster a diverse workforce that not only reflects the communities where we do business, but also encourages a variety of thoughts, opinions and ideas. Each of us is unique and our employees represent a diverse team of industry veterans, seasoned professionals and new team members with fresh ideas and different perspectives.

We all work to ensure our workplace is free from discrimination and intolerance. We celebrate the diverse talent and skills of these team members, provide equal access to growth and advancement, and treat each other with respect. Our philosophy of inclusion influences how we relate to each other, how we manage our company and how we serve our customers. Above all, it’s about respect and what each of our employees brings to American Tower.

When it comes to diversity, ATC is proud to count more than 15 different nationalities among its employees in France.

ATC France obtained an index of 74/100 for the year 2022, after obtaining 92/100 for 2021 and 99/100 for 2020. Despite its constant efforts in terms of equality and diversity, ATC France is penalized by the slightest variation in its workforce, which can strongly impact the calculation of indicators, given its workforce of less than 100 (index planned for companies with 50 to 250 employees). ATC France is very committed to its salary policy: "for equivalent position, skills, performance and experience: equal pay". She is also proud to promote female vocations in scientific and engineering careers, through her label Cap Ingénieuses.

ATC France Commitments – Action Plan 2023

  • ATC France evaluates applications solely on skills, work experience and education, in line with its commitment to diversity.
  • She ensures a diversity of male/female candidates for each position
  • The recruitment process includes various interviewers to ensure impartiality

Objective: To develop gender balance at all levels of the company, in all types of professions and develop the masculinization of assistantship positions as far as possible
Measure: Rate of women at ATC (BDESE), rate of women hired (ex: 61% of women hired in 2022) and rate of women hired in management positions (ex: 100% in 2022)
Principle: Equality between women and men in terms of access to training
Objective: Maintain equitable access to training
Measure: Training Indicators (BDESE)
Principle: equal salary, skills, experience and performance = equal pay
Objective: Continue to apply its salary policy to compensate equally for same position, skills, experience and performance
Measure: Increase Indicators (BDESE)


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