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Vendor Relations

We value our suppliers, provide them with business opportunities and encourage long- term partnerships. The ATC France Operations team is always on the lookout for innovative and cost effective solutions from our existing and potential vendors to enhance efficiency of operating practices.

In France, we engage with partners in areas of:

  • Galvanized steel telecommunication towers

  • Service partners to do field operation & maintenance of above equipment

  • Structural planning, design and analysis services

  • Structural on-site modifications

We also deal extensively with Turnkey project contractors and quality assurance organizations for our site infrastructure build up across France. Our growing business generates regular demand for suitable vendors to partner with us.

If you have a competitive edge over others and are experienced in dealing with mass scale projects of similar nature, please contact us.

Vendors interested to work with Amercan Tower will be required to go through a vendor qualification process to meet the eligibility criterion before being taken on board.