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FPS Towers and APRR Sign Partnership

Following a call for tenders, APRR and FPS Towers have announced that they have signed a 15-year partnership agreement for the management of the 300 radio communications sites along the 2,300 km of motorways operated by APRR.

Under this agreement with FPS Towers, recognised as a specialist in the operation and leasing of telecommunications high points, APRR aims to contribute to improving mobile coverage throughout its motorway network as well as the development of related services.

With a total of nearly 2,500 pylons and 20,000 high points in urban areas, FPS Towers is expanding its operations across all of France through this partnership.

About APRR

APRR, a subsidiary of Eiffage, is Europe’s fourth largest motorway company and operates a 2,276 km motorway network together with its Rhône-Alpes subsidiary AREA. Among the major European routes covered by this network are the Paris–Lyon axis, motorways linking Burgundy with Northern Europe, and motorways across the Rhône-Alpes region and the centre of France. APRR has 3,700 employees and generated revenue of €2.149 billion in 2014.

About FPS Towers

Founded in late 2012 with the purchase of a group of 2,000 pylons, FPS Towers has become the leading telecommunications hosting company in both rural and urban areas of France.

Over the last three years, FPS Towers has seen average annual revenue growth of more than 40% and has multiplied its deployment of high points tenfold.

At its installations, FPS Towers serves all four French mobile operators, public service telecommunications networks and IoT networks.

Press contact APRR:

Claudine Rolland

Tel.: +33 (0)4 26 68 45 52

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Partnership Between FPS Towers and FNAIM

FPS Towers is pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with the Grand Paris regional chamber of FNAIM, the French national federation of real estate professionals.

By joining the Club des Partenaires of FNAIM Grand Paris, FPS Towers is opening up new opportunities for exchanges and communication in the real estate sector.

Apart from privileged access to the Club’s 2,000 members in the Paris region, FPS Towers will take part in condominium and real estate trade shows this year alongside FNAIM.

Consolidating its position as a crucial player in infrastructure management for the telecommunications market, FPS Towers is delighted with this new partnership, certain to allow it to significantly expand its reach, particularly among all stakeholders in the real estate sector.

Arteria and FPS Towers Sign Partnership

Arteria, a subsidiary of RTE, and FPS Towers, the French telecommunications hosting company, have signed a partnership agreement to optimise revenue from RTE’s 76,000 electricity pylons, making it possible for them to be fitted with telecommunications equipment.

Arteria is providing its technical solutions and offering the benefit of its experience acquired with electricity infrastructure operators.

FPS Towers is bringing its knowledge of operator requirements and constraints in order to propose turnkey deployment solutions as well as its track record of success with the 2,000 construction or redevelopment projects for pylon sites it carries out annually on behalf of its customers.

Arteria and FPS Towers aim to satisfy the deployment constraints of telecommunications operators in a proactive and cost-effective manner and to offer efficient solutions to expand mobile coverage, thus helping to develop digital access throughout France.

About Arteria

Arteria, a subsidiary of RTE, is a public operator and a major player in developing digital access throughout France. Boasting 22,000 km of fibre optic cables deployed along RTE’s high-voltage power lines, Arteria is also active in the area of public initiative networks (PINs), proposing solutions to expand the reach of fibre optic networks, with the aim of making very high-speed broadband more widely available, and for high points, covering pylon sites across France, in order to carry and host radio communications equipment.

Arteria also provides telecommunications link capacities and hosting solutions for installations involving information and communications technologies.

About FPS Towers

A telecommunications hosting company founded in 2012, currently the owner of 2,450 pylons and the lease manager for 20,000 rooftops, to which are now added 76,000 electricity pylons, FPS Towers serves all types of telecommunications networks: mobile operators, IoT networks, networks operated by local authorities or public bodies, private networks.

FPS Towers has seen particularly strong growth in Europe since its creation (more than 40% each year), which has helped it reach €70 million in revenue in just three years, with a workforce increasing from three to 100 employees over the same period.

Press contact Arteria:

Emmanuel Thiolon

Tel.: +33 (0)1 79 24 80 97

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FPS Towers Named “Most Innovative Towerco of the Year”

At the inaugural 2016 TowerXchange Industry Awards, FPS Towers was named “Most Innovative Towerco of the Year” by a panel of expert judges brought together in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The panel, chaired by Chuck Green, Chairman of Helios Towers Africa, specifically commended FPS Towers for having pioneered the development of alternative sites in France.

FPS Towers’ many successes with a range of sites, including rooftops, water towers, motorway pylons, and high-voltage transmission towers and poles, have thus been recognised on the international level.

FPS Towers joins American Tower Corporation, world leader in towercos

Four years after its creation, FPS Towers joins ATC, world leader of towercos.

This new stage will allow FPS Towers to accompany our customers in the long term in their projects to deploy and invest in their mobile and fixed networks.

This support can extend beyond metropolitan France to the international activities of the French mobile operators.

The integration into the ATC Group will allow FPS Towers to offer its customers product innovations developed by ATC Group which require increased levels of technical, legal and financial support.

The FPS Towers team will continue to help our clients reach the height of their ambitions.

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ATC France Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ATC France is proud to announce that we have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for hosting telecom equipment and commercializing high points. Certification was completed by Socotec Certification France after an audit from January to May 2017.

ISO 9001:2015 is the world's most widely recognized quality management standard and helps organizations to meet the expectations and needs of their customers. As part of the ISO 9001:2015 certification process, ATC France engaged in a rigorous audit of our business processes as well as our product quality environments.

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality management standard provides a framework to guide and govern all aspects of our operations and ensures consistent standards in the product and services provided to clients. This includes providing the framework for an ongoing process as we perform audits to ensure compliance and to assess initiatives for continued improvement.

Certification provides further confidence to our clients that ATC France is dedicated to maintaining the highest efficiency, quality and responsiveness to ensure client satisfaction.

Loxel renews its partnership with Poste Immo

Poste Immo, a subsidiary of the La Poste Group, and Loxel, a subsidiary of FPS Towers/ATC France, have signed a partnership agreement to enhance the value of the 11,300 office buildings, industrial and commercial properties of the La Poste Group across France.

Régine Amourdom, director of Loxel, said that this agreement is "the culmination of several months of teamwork in collaboration with Poste Immo, who have renewed their confidence in Loxel."

Poste Immo helps the divisions of the La Poste Group (Services-Courier-Colis, Geopost, La Poste Network, La Banque Postale and Numérique) to implement their building projects and reduce their costs by adapting their real estate portfolio to market needs, economic constraints and urban development.

Loxel offers a support and consultancy service to manage the hosting of telecommunications equipment, from the "project" stage to signing the agreement with the mobile operator. Loxel also manages inspections and compliance audits of existing sites, as well as development of existing sites.

Poste Immo and Loxel will provide cost efficient solutions to the telecom operators' deployment constraints, and offer effective solutions for expanding mobile coverage while doing their part to contribute to the digital development of France.

Welcome to ATC France, formerly FPS Towers

We are excited to announce that FPS Towers has joined American Tower Corporation, a leading independent owner, operator and developer of multitenant communications real estate with ~150,000 sites around the world.

As your partner in telecom hosting, ATC France thanks you for your continued trust and we remain at your service to help reach your goals.

Paris Habitat OPH Awards Technical Assistance Contract to Loxel

Paris Habitat OPH has awarded Loxel, a subsidiary of ATC France, its technical assistance contract for mobile radio installations.

Paris Habitat OPH is the largest public housing company in Paris with more than 123,000 housing units and a major presence in public housing in the Paris region. Loxel offers a support and consultancy service to manage the hosting of telecommunications equipment, from the "project" stage to signing the agreement with the mobile operator.

The whole team is proud of this achievement and Paris Habitat OPH’s continued confidence in LOXEL.

Orange signs partnership agreement with ATC France to support the accelerated deployment of its mobile network in non-dense areas

Orange, the leading mobile network operator in France, and ATC France, a subsidiary of American Tower Corporation and a leading player in telecoms hosting, have signed an agreement concerning the deployment of between 900 and 2,000 new mobile network sites located mainly in rural areas and along transport routes overthe period 2020-2024.

Demand for mobile network infrastructure is showing strong growth, driven both by the additional coverage commitments made by telecoms operators as enshrined in the New Deal in France and by the need to increase the density oftheir networks.

The quality ofthe mobile network and coverage are among the major commitments made by Orange in France, commitments acknowledged by the French regulator, Arcep, which recently ranked the operator as number one for the ninth year in a row. Orange currently has 25,000 mobile radio sites, including 17,000 on fully-owned infrastructure.

Orange and ATC France, a specialist in the management and marketing of network infrastructure, have been working together since 2012 for the deployment and opération of mobile network infrastructure and have thus further reinforced that existing partnership. This agreement makes it possible for ATC France and Orange to pool their expertise for the benefit of their customers and to improve network coverage in France.

The contract with ATC France will enable Orange to support the accelerated deployment of its mobile network and increase the density of its coverage. It will achieve this while allowing Orange to maintain its expertise in the design and construction of network infrastructure and ensuring that the Group retains the necessary mid-term investment capacity to consolidate its leadership across the entire network.

A 20-year hosting service agreement between the two partners means that Orange will benefit from the excellence ofATC France's management and marketing services for mobile network infrastructure and will therefore ensure that the quality of its services across the country will be maintained

ATC France hosts nearly 5,500 operator contracts across the totality of its sites in opération. Strengthening its partnership with Orange is fully in line with its infrastructure development strategy for its customers and will support the deployment of digital services across the country.



Paris2connect has been launched ... The first step of a shared urban infrastructure has been set in the 13th arrondissement in Paris

On 9 October, the teams of Paris2connect started to deploy several solutions of shared urban infrastructure in Paris Rive gauche, in the 13th arrondissement. These connected devices, installed directly on street furniture, will ultimately enable autonomous vehicles to communicate with their environment.

Coordinated by ATC France, Phase 1, which includes the installation of these first equipments by Audiospot, ParkingMap and Aximum, will focus on signage, management of transport flows and accessibility with:

a set of connected sound beacons:

  • for persons with visual disabilities: sound guidance system with a universal remote control system or a smartphone application. The information, integrating data from Parkoview sensors, deployed for the mobility observatory, concerns: crossing at traffic lights, information in real time on public transport; assistance to cross cycle lanes (detection of approaching bicycles);
  • for everybody: transmission of sound alerts in real time (security, prevention, traffic information for transports ...) and "simplified" audio and visual guidance, more accurate than GPS, with proximity information (schedules in real time, events ...) in different languages via a smartphone application.

- a mobility observatory recording the flows of different types of vehicles on the route of the installed infrastructure;

the provision of information on an autonomous electronic reading device, at the exit of subway stations: location of the nearest bus stop, display in real time of bus schedules etc.

The first tests involving groups of sighted and blind persons will take place on 5 and 6 November and then on 19 and 20 December

The various partners and stakeholders in the area will give their feedback over a 6 to 12 months period, which will be followed by the implementation of the most relevant solutions on a larger scale.

This first step is essential, before the 2nd phase planned in 2020, which will enable the autonomous vehicles of the RATP Group to communicate with their environment through a common infrastructure and a 5G private telecommunications network.

Paris2connect is an ambitious project designed to demonstrate how a shared urban digital infrastructure, using streetlights and traffic lights for instance, can meet the growing needs of the Smart-City, of connectivity and autonomous mobility, in an inclusive approach, respectful of the environment and its inhabitants.

This project, laureate of the "Quartier d'Innovation Urbaine" launched by the Mairie de Paris and Urban Lab, is supported by a group of eight companies: ATC France, AudioSpot, Aximum, Nokia, Parking Map, RATP, Signify (ex Philips Lighting) and EXEM.

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ATC France participates in the collective effort to fight the Covid-19 Epidemic

Further to the President of the Republic’s address, we made the decision to close our offices from Tuesday, March 17 in the morning, and set up a telework system for all our employees.

The health of our employees, providers and partners is a top priority. In this unprecedented period, we are committed to taking our share of social responsibility and doing the utmost to ensure the protection of all, in accordance with the government directives.

However, ATC France remains fully mobilized to offert its best support to its customers and partners during this health crisis. All of our services are on alert. Furthermore, beyond the diffusion of teleworking, we have activated and transferred the generic telephone numbers for support activities to employees' tools. Employees can manage their activity remotely. To make exchanges more simple and fluid, here is a reminder of the key email contacts:

In addition we have mobilized all our partners and they are actually ready to intervene in situations of extreme emergency.

Given the exceptional nature of the situation, we are more than ever committed to showing solidarity to each other and we are more attentive than ever to our customers.

We thank you for your trust and wish you strength.

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ATC France commits to gender equality and reinforces its "commitment" to diversity

ATC France is a tale of collaboration, of young and mature talent, of managers and employees, but not only: it is above all a story of women and men.

At ATC France, we think that diversity goes beyond gender diversity. We strongly believe that collaborators from various backgrounds, with widely different academic or professional trainings, complement each other. This complementarity drives innovation and therefore encourages our Company’s development.

The American Tower Group has recently distinguished itself by being named in the FORTUNE magazine as one of the world’s most renowned companies for its reputation, notably in terms of social responsibility and innovation.

This key axis of our HR policy is incorporated in a constant willingness to place woman and man, in all their dimensions, at the heart of our Company and on egalitarian footing.

In light of this, the results that we are publishing today (index 99/100) on wage equality are an outstanding recognition of the work already done in this area.

They reveal the commitment of ATC France: a commitment in which collaborators must remain the leaders of our Company and fully participate in making ATC France a socially responsible Company and an equal opportunity employer.

These results provide strong motivation to continue our efforts to encourage all aspects of diversity and gender equality.

We are conscious that there is still work to be done and we are committed to continue our efforts in the right direction in the next years.

Through our CSR policy, we furthermore commit to continuously place more efforts towards central social topics such as inclusivity, accessibility, transgenerational and professional training.

Diversity, inside our company, is built and evolves daily.

Our diversity is displayed as a maxim and is a real differentiator which we see as a strength and a chance for our Company: we are attached to it, and unanimously proud of it.



Introducing Paris2connect, the First Shared Digital Urban Infrastructure Project in Paris

ATC France is leading a consortium of seven public and private partners through their Paris2connect project, which will demonstrate how shared digital urban infrastructure can meet exponential demand in connectivity for 5G devices, smart city services and autonomous vehicles.

Paris2connect was selected by the City of Paris as one of 15 pilot projects for the Urban Innovation District located in Paris’ Rive Gauche neighborhood. This is an important initiative for the city as it prepares for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The ATC France team will coordinate the deployment of shared digital infrastructure in collaboration with:

  • RATP (the Paris transit authority)
  • Nokia (telecom supplier)
  • Audiospot (smart mobility and accessibility)
  • Aximum (security and road traffic management)
  • Parking Map (smart parking solutions)
  • Signify (formerly Philips Lighting)

These partners will work together to deploy their innovative solutions and to develop new use cases and services to address the challenges of future sustainable and smart cities. Consortium members will also work closely with the City of Paris to share their expertise with a unified and integrated approach.

Paris2connect plans to begin installations in January 2019, gather data and feedback over the next 6-12 months, and then roll out the most suitable solutions on a larger scale.

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